Mint an algorithmically generated PFP CNFT and travel to Neo Miami.

A story-driven retrotopia on Cardano

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Our NFTs

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Our NFTs
Hand-drawn and algorithmically generated

Each NFT is assembled from hand-drawn elements through the power of algorithms.

Our NFTs
Male and female models forming one collection

We use two separate base models for male and female characters.

Our NFTs
Exceptionally diverse characters

Neo Miami citizens are generated from a vast pool of elements. They are your key to the Disco Solaris experience.

How does it work?

By minting one of our PFP NFTs you get a ticket to the first off-world city. Let's shape its future together.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join the future citizens of Neo Miami on Discord, where you'll find the FAQ and the Roadmap of the project.

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Why should you care?

🪐 you will be able to influence the look of Neo Miami and its story

🪐 our team comprises of experienced game developers, marketers, artists and special effects professionals

🪐 we are collaborating with a critically-acclaimed alt pop artist

🪐 more details are available on our Discord!

Roadmap and FAQ

Our Roadmap and FAQ are now available on the Disco Solaris Discord - check the FAQ and Starmap channels!


Our Team
Mr. Dot
vision, design, writing, marketing, community

A blockchain enthusiast with 12+ years of experience in indie game development (marketing, game design, writing, localisation, QA). Worked on several very successful games that sold in hundreds of thousands of copies.

Our Team
Mr. Dim
design, programming, business

A game developer with 12+ years of experience in programming, game and level design. His credits include several highly successful titles.

Founder of an indie game studio focused on narrative experiences.

Our Team

An experienced 2D artist and illustrator. Comic book and cartoon enthusiast.

Amber VHS

Singer-songwriter, director, sci-fi nerd.

blockchain programming

An experienced blockchain developer and lover of all things Lovecraftian. Creator of Horrocubes.

Dr. Madfusion

A digital compositor with many years of experience in CG, VFX and post-production. Worked on movies, music videos and commercials.

Dr. Chaykin
animation (collaborator)

An experienced animator. Co-founder of a highly-successful indie game development company.